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Hello everyone , My name is Rupa Anand and I am a devotee of Goddess Mahakali, God Vishnu and God Sheshanag .My mission is to help people who are searching answers on various problems.I am a Psychic Astrologer, Psychic Reader, Clairvoyant Empath, Clairaudient , Spiritual healer and a Paranormal expert too.....I have a unique ability to connect with people on a spirit level and also have ability to connect with universal power and I got this blessing directly from Goddess Mahakali, God Vishnu and God sheshanag.Living life with peace and love is what everybody desires, but getting all the desires fulfilled is not always possible. Sometimes life brings situations that are uncontrollable which not only creates problems but also bring disharmony in the family. Do you feel that one after another only problems are arising? How to get rid of the issues when nothing else works? When nothing else works, My divine astrology comes out as a saviour.The discovering of my gifts has inspired me to serve as a divine messenger. I believe that this particular gift has been a blessing from God. My purpose and mission are to support you through tough and unpleasant times, directing you back on the path of strength to regain balance.Being experienced in psychic work for many years, I have been able to reveal truth upon my clients. Many come to me seeking guidance and answers in different life categories such as Love & Relationships, pregnancy problem , Business, Finances, and Career path, Black magic issues , court case, Paranormal issues, vastu problems , etc.I believe that our present life directly affects our own "karma" or past actions, and the problems we face in our life can only be solved by examining our current efforts.I benefited thousands of people with my quick, accurate, and divine psychic reading future prediction .I am also expert in horoscope reading.I have consulted thousands of people who are coming from different backgrounds, such as business owners, celebrity, or familiar people

.I am expertise in all field ,and proving 100% accurate prediction.My predictions are on various News papers and magazines.

How psychic reading or distant reading works ?

First of all I want to tell you there is no need to u to present in front of me. No meeting with client is essential for psychic reading. I can tell about your future without seeing the birth chart or horoscope . I can connect with the energy of your body only through photos and find out the past present. and future of your energy in the universe. God has given me such power.I receive messages intuitively while performing case studies.So a distant reading, "traveling clairvoyance", or "remote perception" can be conducted without the reader ever meeting the client. This includes letters, telephone, text messaging, email, chat, and webcam readings.Photograph of victim is mandatory .Without photograph psychic reading is not possible. As a psychic reader, spiritual healer , I heal your pain through my psychic power.I have special power to catch ur body's vibration/energy through photograph. After seeing photograph your energy tells what is the main reason behind your problem.I have always been a spiritual person , and I believe the universe has its own way of guiding us forward through our lives with the help of angles, and universal power And as I am a devotee of mata mahakali , God vishnu and God sheshanag , they all are given me special power to connect with the universal power.Are you feeling low???If you have an energetic imbalance, I will be available to cleanse your chakras. I can analyze your aura and perform healings beneficial to your chakra system.This is performed with psychic healing as I am a psychic healer .... Psychic healing is an energetic healing treatment cultivated from universal life force.Being experienced in psychic work for many years, I have been able to reveal truth upon my clients. Many come to me seeking guidance and answers in different life categories such as Love & Relationships, Business, Finances, and Career path. I am expertise in all field ,and proving 100% accurate prediction.Positive experiences manifest through my sessions, and this has blessed me with repeat clients from around the world. I hope for you to lean on me in your time of wonder! Thank you for getting to know me & feel free to chat with me if you have any curiosities! I express gratitude and love for everything God has given to me.Love and light
Rupa Anand

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