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Charge : INR 55000     USD 1095  

Marriage is a important part in human life.  Many eligible girls & boys face the issue of delayed marriage . There are many reason of delayed marriage . It is certain planets & their positions that lead to specific kinds of ‘Doshas’ thereby causing hindrance  in the way of marriage. And some time black magic or some negative energy  also the main factors for delayed marriage.

As per the ancient astrological science, 7th house in a native’s birth chart determines his/her marriage prospects. In particular, planets Venus & Mercury have a strong association with marriage, love & relationships. Hence, native & their parents need to be aware of the planet positions & doshas to do timely & appropriate astrological remedies for the delayed marriage.

As per Hinduism & ancient astrology science, compatibility between a girl & boy needs to be checked through their birth charts. This is the stage where one can have a fair idea of how this association will be in future. Thus, the determined compatibility is very much crucial for a smooth & positive married life.

However, some natives find it very difficult to get a suitable partner. One of the reasons can be a planetary position in their birth chart. We have identified & listed some of the effective remedies for late marriage, which may help a person to overcome the hurdle of delayed marriage & move forward in their life.

Many people don't know or don't have their accurate date of birth and time of birth , in this case Psychic reading( reading through photograph )  is the best option to know about the cause of delayed marriage , and the powerful remedies for this problem.

Rupa Anand Divine Astrology have Powerful remedy for this problem . And this remedy is done by Psychic power only through photograph.

After this Remedy, you will get benefits.

You will get good marriage prospects.
you will get married soon
You will start getting marriage proposals.
You will get loving life partner 
He/she will never let u go.
Relationship with life partner will be strong.

Note:This is minimum fees . Fees may be higher according to your case status .
After the confirmation of the fees , your puja / remedy will start within 2 days

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