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Want to know about your previous birth?
Have question in mind ?
Who were you in Past life?
Is there any connection between the past life and our current life?

I say , yes!! Some religion believes in the past birth and it's connection with the current life.
And this is true . This phenomenon of birth after birth can be clearly explained by my Psychic reading or Energy reading technique means reading through photograph only!!!!

Man lives his life and his deeds get stored in this universe. The deeds , good or bad , get paid back to the native in their present life .

Previous birth can also be analysed by  your horoscope. But your time of birth and date of birth should be accurate, otherwise your analysis will be wrong.

In horoscope , the ascendent of the horoscope known as the lagna is the connection between the previous birth and the present birth of the native . The twelfth house depicts the condition of the native during his last phase in the last birth.

The ninth house of the horoscope is the fate of native in the current birth, and through it , the previous birth could also be read!!

So also by the horoscope reading one can see that there is a strong connection between past life and the current life.

Does past life affects our married life in the present life??

Yes, past life deeds can affect your present married life . A person having a disturbed married life in this birth necessarily has a disturbed one in his or her previous birth.
Remember all the positive and negative deeds get reflected into it which has to be undergone in the subsequent birth!!

How do I find out who I was in my past life ?

There are many techniques through which the Astrologers can find it.
But my technique is far different from others!! That is Psychic Reading or Energy Reading .

I do Past life Reading  and find answers of every questions related to past life through victims photograph!!

Your photograph can tells every thing about your past present and future......
God has given me special power to catch your energy through photograph.

If you want Past life readings....
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